electrical machines connection

gulplug helps plant and building managers to monitor and save their energy consumption. And even more, to do predictive maintenance on their machines. Our gulplug's connected services use innovative energy sensors. They rely on a batteryless and wireless disruptive technology from Schneider Electric. It is easy, fast and safe to clamp on any electrical machine, even while it is running, and with no disruption to the building or plant. A couple of factories from Schneider Electric, Fenwick-Linde, and Bonduelle, have already implemented our systems. They have reduced their overall electrical consumption by 8% to 12% for a payback within the year. The next step will be to connect not only existing machines but new electrical ones. And not only to the net, but also to the main power using a disruptive magnetic technology.


  • Innovative energy sensors
  • Non intrusiv
  • Implementation without turning off machines or processes
  • Battreryless and wireless technology

stimmen zum produkt

Xavier Pain
(CEO, gulplug)
"Non intrusive, our system can be implemented without turning off your process or machines. We hope that our partnership with ITG will be our first step in to the German market."
Dieter SOmmerhalter
(Geschäftsführer ITG mbH & Co KG)
„Ein aufstrrebendes Start-Up-Untenehmen aus Frankreich mit einer ausgezeichneten Lösung, Stromverbräuche an beliebigen Orten zu messen und zu visualisieren: ein Koffer - alles drin - kinderleichte Inbetriebnahme - sofort Ergebnisse."